We take a laid-back approach to holidays to honor that all of our families have different traditions, beliefs and ways of celebrating.


We know that some kids will want to bring in valentines or treats for friends the day of, or the days after. We plan to allow those days to take on a very organic and free flowing celebration in whatever style the kids would like to take it. If your children would like to bring and distribute cards and/or goodies anytime before and after Valentine's Day they may. We will also have lots of supplies available for students to create homemade cards for each other if they choose that option. Many students will not bring cards or goodies to share and that is perfectly fine as well.

Instead of us sending out a name list we suggest your child simply bring Valentine's signed from themselves with no individual names- or maybe the few names they remember and some extra blank ones. 


If you would like your children not to exchange cards or goodies, or to wait until they get home to eat goodies, please talk to them. We can help them to honor your wishes if you let us know that they may need help. Obviously, if we are already aware of allergies, we will keep an extra watchful eye while these extra goodies are around during the week.