Middle School Program


Project Based Learning

Ages 10-13

Once they have reached a stage where they are ready to engage in a more teacher-guided experience, our middle schoolers love our Project Based Learning program.

Project Based Learning is a student-centered, yet teacher-guided, approach where participants gain a deeper understanding of subjects through hands-on projects, active exploration, and real-world problem solving and challenges.

Each unit has a different theme: from robotics to Mars exploration, to giant numbers to human body systems. No matter the theme, our older Thrivers are engaged, challenged, and presented with new information and ideas.

As always, there is lots of time for socialization and making friends during this time of life when cultivating friendship is so important.

Not currently offered in Afterschool hours

Middle School Self-Directed STEAM

Ages 10-13

Our most popular program extends up to the older students with Self-Directed space just for the middle schoolers.


Students are guided through goal setting activities with leaders who will help them to set and reach the goals they choose for their own education.


Middle School Self-Directed students have access to an inviting space with age appropriate tools and activities. With supervision and training, students have use of things such as electronic parts, high temp hot glue, a 3D printer, tablets, and computers and board games in a space designed specifically for older students.

Not currently offered in Afterschool hours