Ages 4.9 to 13


*Our most popular program* offering a variety of enrichment and academic activities where students lead the way in what they want to do and learn each day. Offering daily STEAM *Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities.

This group of independent learners are provided with an inviting environment full of inspiring supplies. With a low instructor-to-student ratio, we foster a love of learning and help students work on the projects and activities they are excited and passionate about.

This group starts off with a short meeting where kids and adults discuss what they would like to work on and which teacher-led invitations will be offered. The rest of the time participants are given the support, tools, and support to make their own choices.

See, also, Middle School Self-Directed for our 10 to 13 year olds. This group provides a little more support in reaching and setting project and research goals. Their own age appropriate tools, supplies and spaces help facilitate a learning environment that can be more focused for our older Self-Directed participants.

10-13 year olds may choose which group fits their needs and desires best.