Mitigation and guidelines

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We believe our children need real, in-person play, socialization and hands-on learning now more than ever! We are a completely optional program and excited to offer this space to learn in freedom to all interested.

  • Masks: In some of our groups we ask all participants to wear masks indoors and in some of our groups we do not enforce mask wearing to honor families' different preferences and values. We never ask for masks to be worn outside and everyone is welcome to wear a mask at anytime inside or out if they prefer. If your charter/funding requires masks indoors we will ask your child to wear a mask indoors.

  • A lot of our program is outside and in active play.

  • Our rooms are large, well-ventilated and Thrivers come and go between indoor and outdoor spaces often. 

  • We clean and sanitize high touch areas often.

  • We encourage parents to keep sick kids home and to follow the guidelines for staying home below. 

  • We can not guarantee your child will not contract or be in contact with COVID at Thrive.

  • We never ask for vaccination records.

  • Our team has equal rights and personal responsibilities to make their own choices regarding masks and vaccinations.

Our goal is to remain open and keep personal freedoms.

Our promise to you is full transparency so you can continue to make the choices that are right for your family.

  • We must be in a place of trust between ourselves and our families. We ask that families are transparent with us and we promise full transparency in return. 

  • We will always notify families when there is exposure on site. Exposure means a participant or staff person was on site with or directly before symptoms occurred.

  • We will keep personal information confidential when sharing about exposures.

  • Families can then make their own choice whether to continue attending as long as they remain symptom free. 

  • If someone is directly exposed on or off-site, participant or staff, we ask that they stay home. Direct exposure means within 3 feet for 15 minutes or more indoors with no mask of someone who has then tested positive within 3 days. 

  • Guidelines for staying home: If a positive test or covid symptoms please stay home 10 days from onset of symptoms, if directly exposed please stay home for 14 days to ensure symptoms do not develop. Guidelines for staying home in other instances include being 24 hours fever free and completely lice and nit free.

  • We do not plan to close if community cases rise and/or if schools make the choice to close.

  • We do not plan to close or quarantine entire groups of participants for minor exposures. Direct exposure, as defined above, is not likely in our format. If direct exposure we will ask those participants and staff to stay home as per our guidelines.

  • Guidelines for possible short term closure: We do not expect this. If Butte County Public Health and/or Enloe Medical Center requires or highly recommends it due to a sustained outbreak at Thrive OR if we are low staff due to exposure and staying home guidelines. If we are to close it would be for the minimum time needed.

  • We are unable to offer refunds either due to your need to stay home or closure due to the above unforeseen circumstances. This ensures our budget will be covered to keep our doors open for the future.

  • Possible longer closure: We do not expect this. We would close if Enloe is overrun and lacks the ability to care for patients and they are asking programs with groups of children to close or if forced by a state or city entity. In that case we would not be able to refund for the current month and/or 15 days from date of closure but would refund or not bill on future months after the 15th day.