Annual Trick-Or-Treating & Costume Parade
Costume Parade.png

Join us for our annual costume parade and trick-or-treating community party!

Event Details:

This event is open to all Thrive families FREE!

Saturday, October 29, 2022 from 6-8pm. Join us in costume and trick-or-treat right at the 11 doors of Thrive.

Please bring a potluck dish to share. The thrive party planners would especially love if the food is Halloween themed.

Our planners have a limited budget and would love donations! Donations of candy and/or decorations are graciously accepted and can be brought by Thrive anytime we are open.

Who this event is for:

This is a family event and kids are NOT to be dropped off without supervision. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow Thrive families so plan to attend as a family. Siblings and friends may also attend with you.

We know not everyone celebrates Halloween so we've planned this event as an optional activity on a non-Thrive day. All Thrive families are welcome to join us free and no one is required to attend.