Thrive Homeschool Program

Elementary, Middle School and High School

Where Children are Free to Learn, Imagine, Explore, Create, Play, Dream and Shine!

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General Information:

Thrive is NOT a school. We offer academic and enrichment classes and programs for homeschooled students. We do not offer grades, credits or school units. To legally homeschool students must file a private school affidavit or be enrolled in a homeschool charter school.


Thrive is:

  •   flexibile with a 1, 2 or 3 day per week drop off learning program for homeschoolers. Families choose how much to attend.

  •  convenient for families. We are a one stop shop for homeschool offerings that are offered on the same schedule.

  • offers Self-Directed, Hands on STEAM, Nature Immersion, Project Based Learning (for middle schoolers) and Early Learning Programs.

  • fun, hands on, project based academic and enrichment classes.

  • interactive learning with plenty of time for socializing and making friends.

  •  a warm, inviting space that provides the optimal conditions for human learning and children’s growth.

  • quality, compassionate, well trained leaders.

  •  low child to adult ratios to optimize learning and safety.

  • for ages 4.9 to 18 (age ranges vary by class).

  • provides a community for homeschoolers with family and community activites and events.

  • offers support and educational opportunities to families that maintain freedom over their child’s overall education.

  •  a vendor accepting POs from local homeschool charters.


1361 Hawthorne Ave, Chico, CA 95926, USA

©Thrive established 2010.