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Support Thrive Homeschool Program

Thrive Homeschool Program provides academic and enrichment classes, self directed learning sessions and STEM/Nature Immersion programs. Next school year we are moving into our new home and we need your support during this transition. 

There is quite a bit of costs associated with a move this big. We have always strived to provide our programs at low or no cost to families and appreciate your financial support now.

Our new home is so amazing and will help Thrive Homeschool Program provide your family a high quality learning experience.

No more choosing classes between two different locations! 

With 5 large rooms and a short walk to the park you will get to choose from ALL of the class options and Nature Immersion/STEM or Self Directed learning on the same campus.

We will be in the back 5 rooms at 746 Moss Ave.
This location once housed Sherwood Montessori and Blue Oak. With a legacy of wonderful educational alternatives we are sure to very happy in our new home.

If you drive by you will see a preschool in the front half of the campus. To the right of them you will see our playground and garden space and when you drive around behind the church you will see our parking lot and classrooms.

Along with the 5 rooms we have our own fully fenced playground, space for a garden, plenty of parking, and we are a very short walk to the park.

Donate on or before 5/29/17 and be the first to tour our new site. (First tours will be 5/30 at 11am or 6pm).

Donate $20 or more and receive a 2016-17 yearbook made by our very own Thrive students. Yearbooks cost $20 for printing and processing so please consider donating more than $20 to add to our moving fund.