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Ecotopia Learning Sessions

 offer thematic interdisciplinary education (Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Art). The project-based curriculum connects students to the world by providing opportunities for them to get involved. Ecotopia inspires students to be good stewards of the earth by creating sustaining and sustainable relations between human culture and the natural world. We believe that all students are powerful learners capable of independent work and finding ways to chart their own learning and futures. Our mission is to support, enhance, catalyze, coach, and praise. 

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 M, 11 am to 3 pm

For students grades 1st-8th 

Upcoming Main Block Descriptions:

AMAZING MYTHICAL CREATURES  January 8th - February 12th (Session 3)

This class will focus on legends and stories about fanciful creatures: unicorns, dragons, mermaids and mermen, gnomes, trolls, dragons, and more. We'll begin by looking at some fun books that ask about dragons: What do legends say about them?  How did dragon babies learn to fly? Why didn't dragons burn themselves with their flaming breath? Did dragons ever have to trim their toenails? Then each week we'll take up a different creature (or several creatures—your choice) and we'll also invent some critters of our own and bring them alive them through writing, art, drama, and other creative forms. The last class will be a presentation on mythical creatures for parents, friends, and family. This is an interdisciplinary class, and we'll draw on science, math, art, history, and reading to understand and appreciate AMAZING MYTHICAL CREATURES.

DRAMA COMES ALIVE  February 26th - March 26th   (Session 4)

In this course, the students will create lively dramas. We'll begin with some fun improvisations and theater games like “Animals in the Zoo” or “Hansel and Gretel are Clueless.”  Then we'll turn to old time radio drama, listening to shows like Superman and Baby Snooks, and creating some of our own radio programs, complete with sound effects—ZAP, BIFF, CREAK—that we will record and put up on a YouTube channel.  From radio we'll move on to cell phone video plays, also displaying them on YouTube for gazillions of people to enjoy.  This is an interdisciplinary course, and we'll use science, math, history, reading and writing in our playmaking. Finally, we'll learn about putting on a play and prepare a culminating performance for for family, friends, and community members as DRAMA COMES ALIVE.

ENDANGERED SPECIES April 9th -May 14th & Sat. May 5  10:30am - 12:30pm   (Session 5)

We will study endangered species and what needs to be done to save them, creating puppets of endangered species that concern us. Students will be invited to participate in the Puppet Procession of the Species, an event of the Endangered Species Faire, sponsored by the Butte Environmental Council the first weekend in May. We'll do interdisciplinary explorations of which species are endangered, why they are in trouble, and how people can and are taking steps to save them. Each student will pick an endangered species to study, sharing information with the rest of the group. There will be lots of reading about animals, studying them in art, learning about their history, and exploring the science of animal behavior. Each class member will make a puppet of his or her animal and be invited to march in the Procession of the Species.  We'll also have a "Council of the Animals" for parents, families, and friends where students role-play the animal they have chosen and explain what they have learned about ENDANGERED SPECIES.

Ecotopia classes are taught by Susan and Stephen Tchudi.  Click here to learn more about these wonderful educators and their teaching philosophies.

Academic and Enrichment classes are available 9:30 to 11 and 3 to 4:30 

  to compliment your full Thrive schedule.