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Middle School Dances

Thrive Homeschool Program is proud to host Middle School Dances for students ages 11 to 15. Dances need a minimum of 30 registered students to run - so be sure to tell your friends!

Thrive Middle School dances are open to all students, homeschool or not. Students who are not homeschooled must be invited to the dance by a homeschool student. Invited students must still pay to attend.

Everyone will be asked to agree to a behavior contract of kindness and respect before attending. Students not adhering to the behavior contract will have their families called and be asked to be picked up early.

Middle School Dances: ages 11 to 15


$15 per student, per night


Friday Nights

7 to 9 pm (revised time by popular request)

March 16, 2018- FREE to first 30 students so sign up now.

and April 6, 2018, $15

Most charters will not pay for school dance fees. Please pay using the link on the website page or by bringing in cash or check.

Dances are held at the Thrive campus, 746 Moss Ave.

Register Here

Pay Here: