2017-18, Session 1 

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Thrive Session 5, 4/18 to 5/26/17

No Class Dates: We don't take any breaks during Session 5, Yay!

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Registration must be complete before April 10th to avoid a late fee and ensure space in classes. 

NEW this session:  Woodworking, Jewelry Making, Skateboarding, 3D printing at the Nature Center, Brain Flakes Construction, Creek Exploration and more!

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Programs are set up in classes and main blocks. A main block is a four hour class from 11AM to 3PM- our classes surround the main blocks (from 9:30 to 11 and 3 to 4:30). Classes are shorter and more subject matter focused. Main blocks are either the Nature Immersion Program which is teacher directed and consists of planned curriculum and activities like art and science projects or Thrive Guided Exploration which is child directed with some teacher lead "invitations" and a prepared environment for students to chose the activities that interest them.

Class Descriptions- Session 5

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New to the Nature Center- 3D Printing**, age 9-16, Collin Dever: Come check out the Nature Center's new 3D printer! 3D printing is a new technology allowing anyone to make one of a kind items. Students will learn how to program and operate a 3D printer. This will include finding objects from the internet, preparing them to be sent to the printer, and printing them out to be enjoyed in real life.

**Materials Needed: All NEW students must bring in a spool of filament (if you took this class last session and already brought in filament you do not need to bring in more). These range in price from $25 to $30. If you ask your homeschool teacher you may be able to purchase with your charter funds. Compatible with XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer, 1.75 mm, 600g. Student may bring any color preferred but be prepared to share colors amongst each other and leave any extra filament at Thrive.

A-G Science Labs, grade 8th-12th, Becca Belmonte: The Chico Creek Nature Center offers A-G Science Wet Labs for high school students preparing to attend college.  We offer Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics. See the A-G Science Wet Labs page for more information.

NEW- Animals of Bidwell Park, grade TK-6th, Christine "Cricket" Hood: Do Acorn Woodpeckers really eat acorns? Why do rattlesnakes rattle their tails? Are there wolves in Bidwell Park? These are just some of the questions I've heard children ask at the Nature Center. We will use classroom and park exploration time to learn how to identify different species, and where and how the animals live. Each class meeting will focus on different subjects i.e. mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and life in the water.

Art with Nature, grade TK-6th, Christine "Cricket" Hood: We will find our art supplies and inspiration in beautiful Bidwell Park. Acorn jewelry, nature wreaths, shadow painting, and rock art are just some of the unique projects we will be creating in this class.

NEW- Brain Flakes® Construction, grade TK-6th, Christine "Cricket" Hood: Brain Flakes® rival the fun of Legos®. Brain Flakes® are colorful plastic discs that click together and apart for easy construction for all ages and levels of motor skills and teaching children spatial thinking. Children can quickly build small creations like cars and animals or let their imaginations run wild to build their own unique space crafts or even cities. When children are building together everyone becomes a community to work together and be inspired by each other's creations.

Children’s Stories and Songs, grade K-3rd, Zach "Papa Z" Cowan: In this class we will sing an eclectic assortment of children’s songs, from “Polly Wolly Doodle” to “Yellow Submarine.” We will also pick a story or two each session to open our imaginations to the treasures of folklore.  This class will spend much time outdoors learning and playing music under a canopy of trees (we have plenty of indoor space as needed). What a wonderful way to make music. A wonderful class the first time or as a repeat student.

NEW- Creek Exploration**, age 6-11, Zach "Papa Z" Cowan: The weather is heating up and it's time to get our feet wet, splash around and learn about the critters that live in and around the creek. In this hands-on exploration of Big Chico Creek students will learn about the riparian and aquatic habitats of Bidwell Park. Students will explore and discuss the life cycles and adaptations of aquatic insects, amphibians and fish, their places in the food web, and the impact of pollution on the creek. Students will get to catch and identify creek critters and look at them under magnifying glasses and microscopes.

**Materials Needed: All students must bring and wear closed toe water shoes (or a second pair of tennis shoes that can get wet). An extra outfit or swim attire is also highly recommended.

Eating Ice Cream in Spanish, age 7-14, Meagan Fischer:  This class will introduce basic Spanish concepts and words, including how to request or order food such as ice cream (helado). On the final day we will have fiesta to put this into practice. Introduces and enhances the fundamental elements of the Spanish language using a verbal immersion conversational style. Emphasis is on the progressive development of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This is a great class for students of ALL LEVELS to practice and enhance their skills in a progressive style. This class may be taken all school year to continue learning or just for one six week session. Students will be eating ice cream for the last class of the session. Please let us know if your child has any food preferences or allergies.

Electronics with LittleBits, age 4.5-12, Collin Dever:  LittleBits are a wonderful modular electronics learning tool that snap together to quickly make awesome projects. Learn the basics of circuits and electricity in a fun and engaging way. Students will get to create and design projects of their own as well as learning from group projects. This class is all about hands on learning. Students who have already taken this course will enjoy continuing their adventure and new students will be welcomed and met at their level as well.

Exploding Science**, age 6-14, Becca "Bear Cub" Belmonte: Join us for some exciting, hands on, science experiments include baking soda and vinegar, elephant toothpaste and coke and mentos. 

**Materials Needed: Each student will be asked to bring in baking soda and vinegar to be used in many of our experiments. Supplies needed for other experiments will be provided.

Hand Drumming**, ages 9-17, Zach "Papa Z" Cowan: This music class will draw from the instructor’s 20 years of experience in folkloric drumming styles. We will learn how traditional rhythms are constructed, how rhythms begin and end, and we’ll explore soloing as well. Pending weather this class will spend much time outdoors learning and playing music under a canopy of trees (we have plenty of indoor space as needed). What a wonderful way to make music.

**Materials Needed: Children need to have their own instrument – djembe or conga, or cowbell or shaker will contribute nicely.

Hoopdance, age 7-12, Sierra SunRise:  This class brings together fitness, balance, focus and fun. Supporting creative physical play through practicing body, arm and leg hooping skills and techniques using various sized, quality made hula hoops. In practicing this unique, meditative and uplifting dance we build self esteem and confidence, strengthen our right and left brain connection, increase our balance, and activate and connect with our bodies all while exploring playfully and having fun. Truly a magical and empowering experience! We'll be dancing to fun, positive music and preparing a performance together to be presented on the last day of the session at pick up time!

NEW- Improv and Role Playing Games, grade K-8th, Meagan Fischer: "Werewolf," a role-playing game in which participants seek to determine which citizens of the village of Thriveville are secretly werewolves and remove them from their village, has been a popular game during Thrive Main Block. This class will be a time to play this game and other dramatic and theatrical games in a focused way. Participants can even learn how to run/narrate the game for other friends. Note: We ideally want at least 8, and ideally 9-10 participants sign up in order for this class to run successfully. Invite your friends!

NEW- Jewelry Making, grade 2nd-6th, Emmeline Hawley: Jewelry has for centuries been a sign of power, wealth, social station, and affection. Students will learn about the historical significance of jewelry in different cultures, how it has changed, and how it was made. Students will also make their own unique pieces using clay, wood, metal, glass beads, and precious stones. All tools and supplies will be provided. Students may bring in their own beads and needle nose pliers if they choose. Students will get to take home their homemade jewelry at the end of the class.

NEW- Kitchen Adventures**, age 7-14, Heidi Blanchard: Come and stir-up delicious creations in a fun-filled, student-centered kitchen. Students will learn how to read and follow a recipe, crack eggs, use a hand held beater, measure ingredients, use a stove top, plan a meal and more. Baked goods, quick snacks and a kid friendly hot meal will all be created and enjoyed together. 

**Materials Needed: Students will be assigned various ingredients ($8 value max) to bring to class. Students unable to bring ingredients are still welcome to join us.

NEW Theme-  LEGO® STEM Interesting Inventions with Bricks 4 Kidz®, age 6 to 12, Bricks 4 Kidz®: Bricks 4 Kidz brings their extraordinary team and curriculum to our homeschool program where kids learn, build® and play with LEGO® bricks. This sessions' theme is Interesting Inventions. Have you ever wanted to invent something with your LEGO® bricks? Most objects we use on a daily basis were invented by someone. Find out the origins of things like the hand mixer, windshield wipers and conveyor belts. During this unit, students will discuss the difference between an invention and a discovery, learn how inventions solve problems, and find out how inventors get the ideas patented. Each week, students are encouraged to think of what they could invent, or improvements they could make to an existing object to solve a problem. So many things we use each day are someone’s invention. Bricks 4 Kidz® will help to introduce the world of ideas, creativity, inventions and patents. Each model is motorized for maximum movement and fascination!

NEW- Magic or Science, grade K-6th, Christine "Cricket" Hood: In this class we will blow up a paper bag with no air, instantly freeze water, make an aluminum can move without touching it, make water explode and many more amazing feats and answer the question. Was it magic or was it science?

Martial Arts with Azad’s, age 4.5 to 11, Azad’s Martial Arts Center: Your child will enjoy an exciting and fun martial arts curriculum that teaches a wide variety of martial arts techniques and key life lessons that are important to child's safety and success. Azad’s kids martial arts classes help children enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook. Your child will become a better student in school, a better listener at home and feel more ambitious towards his/her future goals regardless of their young age!

NEW- Math Tutoring**, grade K-12th, Jenny Johnston: Bring your own work and get assistance from a credentialed teacher with a masters in mathematics educations and a bachelors in mathematics. 

**Materials Needed: Families must provide the work/projects they'd like their student to work on. 

MLT (Major League Teens)*, age 13-18, Nic "Rain" Eckhart and Meagan Fischer: Teens take the lead in this open structured, social environment. Everything from video games to King of Random science projects to lip sync competitions to LAN parties and Dungeons and Dragons. Join us and make this class as awesome as you want it to be. The advisor will be there to support teens in making safe, respectful decisions and providing them the supplies and space to do what they are interested in. Group decisions regarding appropriate behavior will be made collaboratively which means some groups may allow conversations, video and game content and language not appropriate for all Thrive classes. Teens will be expected to continue to uphold appropriate standards around younger students and will always be expected to be respectful of each other, the supplies and the space. If you have any input, questions or concerns please consult with us. 

**Materials Needed: Students may bring their own laptops, gaming devices and other activity supplies as desired. Parents and students will be asked to complete an agreement regarding conversation, video and game content, behavior and language expectations and use of personal supplies during class.

Music of the Trees, age 4.5-9, Zach "Papa Z" Cowan: Join us as we explore the wonder and magic of the music we find and create in nature. We'll use sticks, logs, rocks and trees to make music and write our own songs to fun beats. Students will also enjoy circling up to hear a nature story book or two, going for short walks in the park, building forts in nature and meeting some of the animals that live at the Nature Center. 

Native American Archery, grade 3rd-6th, Christine "Cricket" Hood: Students will gain archery skills through practice with hay bales and targets in this beginner level class. They will also learn the history and background of the bow and arrow and how it became the primary hunting tool for Native American warriors. This class will also take time to discuss Native American culture and do Native American style games, crafts and projects including making a homemade bow and arrow set. Students who have already taken this course will enjoy continuing their adventure and new students will be welcomed and met at their level as well.

NEW- Nature Detectives, grade 2nd-6th, Christine "Cricket" Hood: Children will work as a team and use their critical thinking and problem solving skills to follow a series of clues and answer questions that will take them on an adventure around the Nature Center and Bidwell Park. Each class they will solve a mystery, find a lost animal or friend or find a hidden treasure. As they solve each clue and answer the questions they will be learning how to identify plants, trees, and animals and learning unique facts about the park, the Nature Center and the amazing people who work and volunteer for them both.

Nerf® Boot Camp**, age 9-15, Nic "Rain" Eckhart: This class is presented as an age appropriate military style boot camp training. A "Master Sargent" will train the students in hurdling walls, shooting range/target practice, calisthenics and obstacle courses, as they train to succeed at Nerf® battle games. This is great for PE credits. Time will also be spent sharing about, researching and comparing Nerf® and Nerf® style toys.

**Materials Needed: All students must bring their own Nerf® or Nerf® style toys. Nerf® compatible darts will be provided for use during class. As toy weapons are not allowed in the rest of Thrive classes these must be stored safely in the Thrive office or taken home when students are not in class.

NEW- Painting with Bear Cub**, grade TK-4th, Becca "Bear Cub" Belmonte: This class will be similar to "The Joys of Painting with Bob Ross". We will focus on a different scenery each week, learning new painting techniques while discovering the joy of painting and discover that all of us can paint. Students express their creativity while learning new and interesting skills. This is a great class for students of ALL LEVELS to practice and enhance their skills in a progressive style. 

**Materials Needed: All students must bring a set of quality paint brushes and 2 16x20 canvas’ to class.  Ask your homeschool teacher as you may be able to purchase these items with your charter funds. All other materials including paint and additional brushes and tools will be provided. Students will get to take their completed canvas’ and used brushes home at the end of the class.

NEW- Reading/English, Language Arts Tutoring**, grade K-12th, Danielle Netherton: Bring your work or project ideas and get assistance from a credentialed teacher with an English/Language Arts background.

**Materials Needed: Families must provide the work/projects they'd like their student to work on. 

NEW- Scrapbooking, grade K-12th, Emmeline Hawley: We have had an amazing year at Thrive full of new friends and fun adventures. What better way to conclude the year than with a book full of our favorite memories. Students will work collaboratively on a scrapbook, each student working on one page at a time and then putting them together into one book to be enjoyed by all the students and their families at Thrive. Page themes and topics will be decided on by the students and all of the 2016-17 thrive year will be highlighted. All supplies and materials will be provided.

NEW- Skateboarding**, age 7-14, Nic "Rain" Eckhart: Come shred up the skate park with a local Chico skateboarder.  Learn how to turn, go down hills and ollie.  Once having mastered these abilities the 180, shove-it, and kick-flip will be taught.  This class is welcome to beginning skateboarders and/or advanced ones.  Come have fun in the sun skateboarding and hanging out with friends at the local Chico Skate Park. Class size will be limited to 9 for safety and student's will be taught safety procedures and given strict safety guidelines. Students who don't follow Thrive's safety guidelines as well as the Skate Park's rules will be asked to join another class without the opportunity for a second warning. Rules include but are not limited to: Every person using the skateboard track shall wear a helmet, wrist supports, elbow pads and knee pads at all times.

**Materials Needed: All students must bring and use their own skateboard, helmet, wrist supports, elbow pads, knee pads and water bottle. This class takes place at the Chico Skate Park located at 368 Humboldt Ave. Parents must provide all transportation to, from and between Thrive classes. Class is 9:15am to 10:35am to give families extra time for transportation.

Spanish Stories and Songs, grade K-3rd, Zach "Papa Z" Cowan: This is a class will provide exposure to the Spanish language through stories and songs. Books in Spanish will be read to and by the children. We will learn vocabulary from traditional Latin American songs and pop tunes such as Cuba’s “Guantanamera” and Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba.”

Special Projects, age 4.5-18, Meagan Fischer: This is a calm space designed for students to work on the project(s) or research of their choice. Students will come up with a list of possible projects or research areas. The adult's role is to help students find the supplies they need and encourage students to stay focused. Students choose the project or research area they are excited about. At the end students will put together a "project fair" sharing their projects and research with families and fellow students.

Sports, grade 2nd- 6th, Nic "Rain" Eckhart: Do you like to get outside and play sports? In this class we will be practicing all kinds of them like soccer, basketball, football, Frisbee, and volleyball.  All of these sports will be practiced and reviewed, and any student who likes sports is welcome regardless of skill level.  After fine motor skills have been practiced we will be scrimmaging and playing real games.    

Sticky, Slimy Science, age 4.5-9, Becca "Bear Cub" Belmonte: Learn some basic science and chemistry terms like react, catalyst and hypothesis through hands on, sticky, slimy science experiments. Make flubber, ooze and slime. Learn about the properties of and make your own non- Newtonian fluid. Time will also be devotes to talking about famous scientist like, Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and Isaac Newton and how their sticky, slimy science experiments changed the world.

NEW- Sustainable Gardening**, grade TK-4th, Becca "Bear Cub" Belmonte: Throughout this class we will begin our own garden with flowers, fruits and vegetables that can be sustainably grown. Students will learn how to care for plants, as well as how humans impact our environment.

**Materials Needed: All students should bring a set of usable gardening tools.  Each student should have 1 pair gloves, 1 knee pad (or towel that can get dirty to rest their knees in the dirt), 1 hand shovel or trowel, and 1 hand rake. Ask your homeschool teacher as you may be able to purchase these items with your charter funds. All other materials including soil, seeds, pots and larger tools will be provided. Students will get to take their gardening kits and a potted plant home at the end of the class.

Table Games, age 7-14, Nic "Rain" Eckhart: The world of games is at our fingertips just waiting to be explored.  In this class watch out for exploding kittens, fight monsters, steal magic items, and dominate the world.  The possibilities are endless. We will be seeing some new tables games like Munchkin, Dominion, and Settler's of Catan while enjoying some classics games like Risk, Chess, and Monopoly. Students are encouraged to bring in any games that they enjoy playing in their homes to share and teach other students about.  Thrive and the class leader will bring in a plethora of excellent games as well.  The opportunity to delve into fantastical worlds and make new friends is what this class is all about.

NEW- Woodshop**, age 8-12, Emmeline Hawley: Are you creative, mathematical, and like working and building with your hands? Woodworking brings imagination, calculation, geometry, and ingenuity all together. Students will saw, drill, sand and hammer their way through at least 3 instructor guided woodworking projects. Class size will be limited to 7 for safety and students will be taught safety procedures and given strict safety guidelines. Students who don't follow safety guidelines will be asked to join another class without the opportunity for a second warning.

**Materials Needed: All students should bring a set of usable woodworking tools.  Each student should have their own multipurpose saw, hammer, a Philips and a flat head screw driver, and safety glasses. Ask your homeschool teacher as you may be able to purchase these items with your charter funds. All other materials including wood, nails, glue and additional tools will be provided. Students will get to take their woodworking tools home at the end of the class.

Yoga and Mindfulness**, grade 3rd-8th, Jenny Johnston: (younger children permitted based on their TRUE ability to participate in this class) Children's daily lives are filled with emotional, social, and physical challenges and conflicts.  One way to teach children how to deal with the huge range of emotions they feel is to teach them that they can take charge or their emotions instead of their emotions being in charge of them.  This can be taught to very young children simply by introducing them to yoga and mindfulness.  Learning that calming down an over-excited fight or flight response in yourself can be as simple as taking some deep breaths with a caring peer or adult, can be life altering for children.  This class will focus on teaching children how to move their bodies in a healthy way, how to spend some quiet time in their bodies while calming themselves with deep breathing and how to simply just BE.  We may also practice some aspects of Qi Gong and sound therapy.  

**Materials Needed: Each child should have their own yoga mat and bring it with them to every class.  Clothing needs to be non-restrictive to allow for movement.   Parents will be asked to read over information about the content of this class and asked to complete an agreement regarding consent to the curriculum.