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Thrive provides academic and enrichment classes, science labs, nature studies and guided exploration learning sessions for homeschoolers.


Thrive is:

  •  flexibile with a 1, 2 or 3 day per week drop off learning program for homeschoolers.
  • convenient for families. We are a one stop shop for homeschool offerings that are offered on the same schedule.

o   Look for the preschool and high school offerings at The Chico Creek Nature Center that operate on the same schedule, as well.

o   A-G Science Wet Labs, for high school students on track to go to college, are also available (in a separate fee schedule).

  •  your choice of the STEM/Nature Immersion Program and/or Self Directed, open structured learning sessions.
  • structured, subject specific academic and enrichment classes at both sites.
  •  provided in warm, inviting spaces that are optimal conditions for human learning and children’s growth.
  • quality, compassionate, well trained leaders.
  •  low child to adult ratios to optimize learning and safety.
  • for ages 4.5 to 18 (age ranges vary by class).
  • designed for homeschool students who are enrolled in a homeschool charter or privately homeschooling. Thrive is not a school and offers support and educational opportunities to families that maintain freedom over their child’s overall education.
  •  a vendor accepting POs from all local homeschool charters.
  • where children are free to learn, imagine, explore create, play, dream, and shine!